Persept Solar is an Independent Power Producer (IPP) offering ‘Solar Power as a Service’ to Indian Industries and Commercial Establishments. We work on the build, own, operate and transfer (BOOT) model. We not only build the plant, we own it and manage the successful installation and commissioning of the plant. We operate the plant for the contract period and transfer the plant to the customer as per the agreed terms. Customers acquire an exclusive power plant for their use and are required to pay only for the power consumed from the plant. With this captive power plant customers  can now rely on reliable source of green power and reduce their dependence on captive diesel power plants and the grid power. We also create Solar Power plants for industries and commercial establishments on turnkey basis.

Thousands of industrial and commercial consumers are dependent on diesel captive plants to fulfill their power requirements. Diesel prices are ever increasing and with potential deregulation of diesel prices being contemplated by the government the costs of operating captive power plants will be prohibitive. In addition to the cost escalation concerns with diesel power there are environmental concerns as well.
If your enterprise is looking for

  • A reliable source of power at affordable cost
  • Sustainable venture complying with global norms of carbon footprint
  • Green goals to ensure environment is protected

Call Us – We will be happy to provide solutions for any or all of your above requirements


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