Customer Value

Power is an essential requirement for all commercial activities whether it is a manufacturing industry, process industry or a commercial establishment. Due to the ever increasing demand for power and shortage of supply with the associated constraints, the state electricity distribution companies (DISCOMs) are unable to meet the demand to provide reliable, quality power to the industries . To bridge the demand supply gap industries have relied on captive diesel power plants. Cost of power forms a substantial part in the operational expenditure and it has to be kept under manageable levels to remain profitable. The cost of diesel generated power is already very expensive and with the potential deregulation of diesel by the government the cost will be prohibitive. This constrained environment is affecting profitability of many industries across the country.

Persept Solar offers solution to the industries and commercial establishments that will enable them to reduce their dependence on DISCOM power and avoid diesel power during the day time. We create captive power plants utilizing the rooftop space for industries and commercial establishments. Power reliability, quality and cost are locked-in with our captive power plants and businesses can focus on their core activities.

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