We are currently finalizing various projects across Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka

Clientele: Our clients range from manufacturing industries, software service companier to reputed educational institutions. The clients require reliable green source of power for their establishments. Generally, the projects would be set up on either the rooftops or the space available at the client premises. This allows us design flexibility and eliminates land acquisition, which is the most time-consuming process for any infrastructure project in India.

Technology: We evaluate the sites for solar radiation, climatic and meteorological conditions, area availability and electricity requirement. On site evaluation, we decide the technology to be used for that particular site. We have expertise across all the different PV technologies – Mono-crystalline, Poly-crystalline, and thin films,

Project Partners:  Persept Solar is partnering with best of the leading EPC firms globally to engineer and build the solar plants. We source from experts across the industry to enable us to provide the best quality equipment which will ensure reliable and efficient operations.

Module Provider:  We offer Panels with Tier 1 certification from MNRE  provided by reputed PV module manufacturing firms.  The modules are as per international standards and have a high Performance Ratio. These modules are certified to be suitable for Indian conditions.

Inverter Provider:  Inverters are sourced from the leading market players SMA, Power One and ABB. These are proven and reliable inverters and are built specifically for solar projects and can work effectively in Indian conditions.

Monitoring Systems: We offer cloud based monitoring system providing greater transparency and ease of use.

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