World Summit of Social Development (2005) defined Sustainability as an entity depending on the three pillars of Environment, Economy and Society. Any initiative can be sustainable only when it is environmentally friendly, economical and beneficial to the society. Human society has a growing need for energy, which is not only economical but also environmentally friendly.
Solar power is the solution to the sustainability problem in terms of providing economical power in an environmentally friendly manner. The technological advances are driving down the cost of power generation from solar power projects, thus making it affordable. Additionally, the plant maintenance can be managed easier as they are devoid of complexities resulting lower maintenance costs relative to Wind energy. Solar power can be harnessed at small and large scale enabling distributed generation at village level. Localized power generation can provide boost to the local economy and ensure sustainable development at village level.
It is important that Industries and Commercial establishments aggressively adopt sustainable power sources like Solar and contribute their bit to the sustainability agenda.


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